Playing To Win

Why Champions LOVE and LEAD Change

How do we inspire people to not only survive times of change but to inspire change? Champions know that success comes from embracing change, not from sitting still or trying to resist it.  In “Playing to Win” Robyn shares how the best and brightest champions consistently inspire and lead change, enabling teams to eagerly meet change head on, and to utilize it as a vehicle for creative problem-solving and continual improvement. In business and in life, from fighting fires to adventure racing to taking the stage as a top motivational speaker, Robyn Benincasa knows that embracing change is key to winning the game. 

Also available in virtual format

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Embracing Change As Strategy, Lead-Building, Cultural Transformation, Leveraging Team Skills, Creating Game-Changing Solutions

“When you create a culture in which everyone values the team’s performance over their individual pride, that’s where the magic happens.” – Robyn

“Playing To Win” addresses the following goals and themes for meetings and corporate events:

  • Leading Change vs Following Change
  • Building A Lead, Maintaining The Lead
  • How A World Champion Adventure Racing Team Consistently Wins
  • Resourcefulness And Creative Problem-Solving
  • Leveraging Shared Strengths To Build A World Class Team
  • Embracing Calculated Risk As A Strategy For Success