Meeting planners and business leaders know that a passionate motivational speaker can leave employees and teams invigorated, connected, and inspired to pursue even the most ambitious goals. Robyn Benincasa knows that the proof of the presentation is in the audience takeaways and testimonials, and that it takes more than general feel-goodery to get teams pumped. It takes grit. It takes authenticity. It takes passion, and above all, it takes teamwork.

Here is a small sampling of reviews from Robyn’s keynote presentations:

Intel logo

“Great way to spend a day….reading Robyn’s awesome book while lounging in Cabo!!! Thank you Robyn for delivering an amazing keynote at the Intel Women’s Technical Conference in September. I got to sit front and center as I listened to her awesome stories of adventure and great challenge. You did a superb job of translating those experiences into our everyday team building challenges and opportunities at OTF!!! Thank you!!! I plan to join one of your Athena hikes in late April 2020!!”

– Heidi Sprague

Intel Women’s Technical Conference

GPO logo


I’d like to personally thank you for being an inspiration… your athletic accomplishments, foundation work, and especially for being a role model of resilience, humor, and leadership. I’d also like to provide some specific feedback on why I thought yours was one of the best, if not the best, keynote session I’ve seen in over two decades at my company.

We’ve hosted many accomplished, inspiring, and galvanizing speakers in our physical and virtual halls over the years, but your message and delivery stands out to me as distinctly excellent.

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-Vice President, Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence (Pharmaceutical)
momentum logo
“Robyn was a home-run for our leadership conference of 1,500 attendees. She is high-energy, engaging, inspiring, and does a great job connecting the story of adventure racing and teamwork to leadership in the business world. We received great feedback from our participants, and are very happy to have found Robyn. I would highly recommend her for any size event!”
– April Benetollo
CEO, Momentum

“Your presentation style and message really energized the attendees. We heard nothing but great comments and feedback from many of the attendees throughout the week!”

– Trent Cross

Hewlett Packard

Allstate logo
Dear Robyn: At Allstate, we’re building a different kind of company – a company that people want to do business with because it connects with consumers, sparks social change, empowers people and is a force for good. This requires leaders who can use their talent and capabilities to create a better future for all those who depend on Allstate. That’s why listening to speakers like you who can share your experience through adversity is especially important. Thank you for spending time with Allstate’s leadership team earlier this month. Your message of total team work – synergy, commitment, empathy and mutual respect – is powerful. Allstate leaders might not be climbing mountains or bicycling through a rain forest but we are competing every day to take care of our customers and strengthen communities so that we deliver the Good Hands promise far into the future. Your stories remind us that no matter what challenge we face, we can overcome it by working together. I look forward to connecting again in the future. Best regards,
– Thomas J. Wilson
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Allstate
Four Seasons logo
“On behalf of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, I would like to thank you for your exceptional keynote speech and unforgettable Eco Challenge that you and your team, World Class Teams, presented to our North American Worldwide Sales Team at our annual meeting last month in Lana’I, Hawaii. World Class Teams successfully created and executed an experience that was beyond compare. The Eco Challenge created a number of experiences that our sales team could relate to and successfully accomplish.Thank you for making this day a memorable one. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts truly appreciated the opportunity to work closely with World Class Teams. You have inspired us all.
– Thomas Hubler
V.P. of Sales, Four Season Hotels

The event was an overwhelming success. We are still talking about the key learnings, the fun, and the excitement of working together as a team

– John Alderson

V.P., Starbucks

Indivior logo

After implementing the 8 Essential Elements with my sales team, we went from 17th in the nation to 1st!

– Lorin Cooper


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“Hi Robyn! You have hundreds of raving fans from German American! A few things I noticed: you listened to our pre-meeting conversation, read the pre-meeting notes, and paid attention to our meeting today which enabled you to represent our brand without one single hitch. I can tell you that does not always happen. You were authentic, energetic, inspirational and so darn real!! Thank you! Hope you and Jeff are safe and sound in Atlanta!”

– Jane B.

Senior VP of Marketing, German American Bank

IDG Communications, S.A. logo

“Robyn was fantastic! Everyone was still talking about some of her exploits last night, and of course her energy was the perfect kickoff. And she personalized her remarks for our program and audience better than anyone I’ve ever seen. We are so grateful she was able to join us.”

– Laura Yellen

IDG Communications

MEA logo

Thanks so much for an amazing presentation on Tuesday! As you will see from the comments in our Chat log, our audience LOVED it and you!
If I can support you in any way moving forward, please let me know. I always welcome the opportunity to stay connected to cool people doing cool things!”

– Margaret Uhrich

MidAtlantic Employers’ Association

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Microsoft logo

Hi Robin –
I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for delivering one of the most moving and impactful sessions I have experienced in my life. You have given me and several of my colleagues great inspiration to achieve more. I’m very grateful for the experience and you’re sharing. Let’s go!!

– Denise Jones


Century 21 logo

“Robyn was AMAZING! I was watching the comments section and people were saying they were very inspired by her! We also sent out a post-event survey and the feedback has been phenomenal. We asked on the survey “what was your favorite part about the event” and the majority of answers have been Robyn! She truly was inspirational and motivating.”

– Stephanie Winters

Century 21 affiliated

Premiere logo

“We collect tweets from each event we book and I wanted to share the incredible feedback we received via Twitter – you knocked it out of the park! No surprise, of course. 🙂

  • Keynote speaker @robynbenincasa talking about managing adversity after 6 hip replacements she is a world leading eco/adventure racer, ironman it goes on truly inspirational – really proves you should never give up #WWPHX19 @IFMA @FMFoundation #facman 
  • Wow. @robynbenincasa. What an AWESOME speaker. #WWPHX19 “You’re not defined by your setback, you’re defined by your comeback.” 
  • “It’s not about the setbacks, it’s about the comebacks,” says @robynbenincasa. Love that #WWPHX19
  • And here’s our keynote speaker – @robynbenincasa, x2 Guinness World Record holder. We’re hearing how we can create high performance teams by unravelling the lessons from the world of adventure racing… #WWPHX19 4Ps. Planning. Purpose. Perseverance. Preparation. https://t.co/WWmgTFArTL
  • Robyn Benincasa “It’s not about the setback, it’s about the comeback”. Do what you love as well as you can as long as you can, and when you cannot continue – you step back but never give up. -Chuck Yeager #WWPHX19
  • Robyn Benincasa explains how winning works and why we are all actually adventure racers even if we don’t know it. Commitment is a great plan, purpose, perseverence, and preparation. Commitment starts when the fun stops. #WWPHX19 
  • Opening Keynote from Robyn Benincasa @robynbenincasa was the best opening keynote in years! She was awesome and a San Diego Firefighter to boot! #wwphx19 ifmaphoenix @ Phoenix Convention Center 
  • “What makes us valuable is what we’re willing to learn along the way”, says @robynbenincasa. When things go wrong, she says, the best thing you can do to help the team is laugh… then move on and sort it out. Be a “We Thinker”. No us and them. Just us. #WWPHX19
  • Fantastic quotes from @robynbenincasa – thank you for an energizing keynote! #WWPHX19 ”
– Chelsea Johnson

Vice President, Premiere Speakers Bureau

Sigora Solar logo

Robyn was amazing! The entire team talked about her all day and I am sure we will continue to until the next time we see her. I do not have direct contact information for Robyn so please extend my heartfelt thank you and let her know that I am sure some of us will be in contact about Project Athena.

Best Regards,


– Logan Landry

Chief Executive Officer, Allstate

Allstate Benefits logo

Thanks Robyn! You were a “rock star”! I really appreciate you being at our meeting. Your powerful presentation and message aligned perfectly with what I wanted to accomplish and you knocked it out of the ball park! I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and sent me notes on how great they thought your presentation was. I want to sincerely thank you for traveling here and being such a big part of our meeting.

Thanks again!

– Greg Guidos

President, Allstate Benefits Executive Officer, Allstate

Wells Fargo logo

Words really can’t describe how amazing your presentation was today. Your commitment towards TEAMWORK is truly inspirational.
The positive feedback was overwhelming. Not only did so many people come up to me after you spoke, but I also received a ton of e-mails thanking me for having you speak.

You truly inspired so many people today. We have had many professional athletes speak over the years, but none of them were as down to earth and approachable as you today.”

– Tony Garcia III

Regional Sales Manager, Wells Fargo

Exxon Mobil logo

“Robyn, you presented recently at an ExxonMobil GREF conference in the Woodlands Conference centre.

I was very impressed by your story, your enthusiasm and the way you had channeled your experiences into such an effective team building message. When I got home I bought your bookand finished reading it last night. It had two immediate impacts on me; it made the talk that you gave come flooding back into my consciousness (which was great); but it also give me inspiration on how to run a workshop I have with my team coming up soon. They are going through a tough time (not like your tough times, but in the context of our work they have too much to do, with too little time, and they are not sure how to start).

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the pleasure of listening to you, thanks for finding out that I am a “We” thinker (I didn’t know that), and thanks for how I know the workshop is going to go.”

– Peter


Coldwell Banker logo

“Hi Robyn, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sharing your story with us. I left the hotel on Wednesday feeling more than just motivated, I felt touched. I wanted you to know how warm and open you came across, not only as an inspiration but as a person. I walked away honestly saying to myself, ‘Robyn seems like she would make a really great friend’. Your story is so incredible but you present it in a totally credible way. I’ve learned a lot of things listening to people speak, but I heard things from you I’d never heard before. Thank you for touching my life. I will carry my new lessons with me for a lifetime and, because of that (and you) I will be that better person, friend, and teammate. Many blessings.”

– Rebecca Burcher

Sales Agent, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

e Republic logo

“The best blend of storytelling and practical application to our world that I have seen in any of the keynotes at the CIO academy.”

“One of the best speakers I have seen in a while. Loved her energy and her message.”

“She was outstanding!”

“Highly motivational speaker, exhibited a personal connection with the audience through an understanding of challenges of state employment and service – a real PLUS!”

“Excellent speaker. In my opinion, one of the best motivational speakers the Academy has had over the years I have attended.”

“Loved the message and the high energy to kick-off the Academy. The analogy worked from both an emotional and intellectual level.”

“One of the best keynote speakers I have heard at a government conference!”

– Various

e.Republic California Chief Information Officer Academy 2017

IBM logo

“Robyn, I was in the IBM audience on Wednesday this week and I wanted to thank you for such an inspirational presentation… Lots of unique, amazing accomplishments and communicated to us in such enjoyable and motivational way. I’ve always been known as a team player, however your comments made me realize that there are levels of team that I still need to be part of. For that, I thank you. I now have a new dream / goal / contribution to reach for. … Thanks for the impact that you had on me and my colleagues. Woo Hoo! All the best to you …you must feel great about the positive IMPACT you have had on so many people !!!”

– Bob Miller


Nestle logo

“We had so much fun with you. I literally received so many compliments on your message and comments about how your talk touched people—some wanted to go home and share with their husbands/wives/families. Several others said you were the best speaker they had ever heard (my opinion too by the way) and that more in Nestle should hear you! You SO over-delivered both in your speech and in your willingness to spend time with our team. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect message to be delivered at just the right time.”

– Lisbeth Armentano

Director of Communications & Promotions, Nestlé Nutrition Division

Jamba Juice logo

“I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and phenomenal delivery at the Teambuilding/Bikebuilding event at our National Managers Meeting. I received SO many wonderful, positive comments about Robyn’s presentation. The audience felt you were very authentic, passionate and that you really understood ‘Jamba’. I/we were thrilled. I suspect there will be many upcoming occasions for us to work together. I look forward to it!”

– Renee Kempler

Jamba Juice, Director of Retail Marketing

Microsoft logo

Robyn, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak today at Microsoft and I have to tell you how you left me inspired and with a renewed faith in a different way to think about teamwork. I have always valued working in a team but you gave me some great insights into new ways of thinking and while I cannot say I have ever been an Adventure Racer – in fact, I couldn’t be further from it….today I left feeling as though I AM and adventure racer each and every day in my role.
I really enjoyed hearing all that you shared with us. I would really like to stay engaged with you and the work you are doing. What an inspiration you are and truly Thank you for bringing your fire and spirit to our conference today.

– Kim McKinney


Power Bar logo

“Thank you again for making Amy and I look like geniuses, your presentation was a hit!!! The feedback was tremendous, the best part of the meeting.

– Chad Coester

PowerBar, Customer Development

Anthony Robbins logo

“In short, your presentation was amazing. You rock! You move the audience emotionally. Your content is powerful, and your energy and ability to be genuine on stage were fabulous. I hope they were all taking notes.”

– Scott Harris

Trainer, Anthony Robbins Company

Allstate logo

I cannot tell you how happy I was that first — we had an FEMALE speaker! (FINALLY!) And, that it was YOU! I had researched you before the conference & you were just as great as I thought!

– Sharon Dean

Vice President, Encompass Product Operations, Allstate

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts logo

Dear Robyn,

On behalf of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, I would like to thank you for your exceptional keynote speech and unforgettable Eco Challenge that you and your team, World Class Teams, presented to our North American Worldwide Sales Team at our annual meeting last month in Lana’I, Hawaii.

World Class Teams successfully created and executed an experience that was beyond compare. The Eco Challenge created a number of experiences that our sales team could relate to and successfully accomplish.

Thank you for making this day a memorable one. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts truly appreciated the opportunity to work closely with World Class Teams.

You have inspired us all.
Thank you,

– Thomas A. Hubler

Vice President of Sales, The Americas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

IAMC logo

October 21, 2016

Robyn Benincasa c/o Orange County Speakers Bureau 4117 Grandview Dr. Palmdale, Ca. 93551

Dear Robyn,

Thank you very much for joining us at the recent IAMC conference.  Your session hit on all marks – energy, entertainment and information!

This is what the attendees had to say:


“Great speaker to kick things off and set the tone for the rest of the conference!”

“Great learning experience!”

The IAMC audience tends to go to a lot of events each year, and they hear a lot of speakers.  So, they can be a tough crowd to please.  You and your presentation were unequivocal hits.

Thank you for helping make IAMC’s Fall 2016 Professional Forum a success!

Kind regards,

– Rya Hazelwood
Director of Marketing & Conference Programs, Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC)
AR logo

“All I can say about your presentation is….WOW!! I’ve been in organizational development/sales management for 20 years and have seen hundreds of speakers. You TRULY are the best of the best! Of course, given your amazing background I can understand that anything you do is done with EXCELLENCE!”

– Terry Moore

Mastery Manager, The Anthony Robbins Companies

Allstate Benefits logo

Robyn Benincasa gave one of the most inspirational and meaningful teamwork speeches I’ve heard in a long time. As my coworker said, “she’s saying so much more than we’re hearing.”

– Tammy Winberry

Regional Marketing Coordinator, Allstate Benefits

Outdoor Living Brands logo

Robyn –

I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks for helping to make our convention a success. You are the definition of high energy and delivered a great message to our franchises about teamwork and leadership!

Best wishes in all of you endeavors. Perhaps I’ll join you in a Project Athena event down the road!

Continued success,

– Chris Granpre
Chairman and CEO, Outdoor Living Brands
HDR logo
Robyn – Thank you for a great discussion last week about your experiences and the power of teamwork. Your presentation resonated with our HDR attendees and our team was still talking about how they were personally inspired and the lessons learned as they departed Omaha on Tuesday. Thank you. Best regards,
– Charlie O Reilly
President, HDR Transportation
NCPA logo


Thank you for your inspiring presentation yesterday.  So much of what you said rang true for me.  As an woman, athlete, and cancer (and life) survivor I really wanted to take the time to say thank you.  THANK YOU!  

I was so inspired I applied to be a “goddess” for an adventure next year and hope to get the chance to work with your awesome team!  Now, if I could just stay away from the orthopedic surgeon…

You reminded me of what’s possible and inspired me to go beyond my boundaries (“commitment starts when the fun ends”). Thank you again, and safe travels. ,

– Sanna Schlosseren

National Community Pharmacists Associationt

Sun Tan City logo

Hello Robyn,
I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a great response I received from your presentation at our Denver Conference. Your speech was so uplifting and exactly what we needed for our owners and operators.
Thanks again for a wonderful time!
All the best,

– Beth Edelen

VP of Franchise Support, Suntan City

total logo

Great Opening speaker!
Amazing stories of teamwork and perseverance. I envy her guts!

Extremely inspirational and hilarious! Loved her energy and links back to the training and development profession.
Awesome !!! Very inspirational

Insured and blessed to be reminded life is a gift. ..use it to your best abilities and share them
What a great way to inspire each of us at the start of BTC! Robyn is amazing!
Great start to get people engaged and ready to learn. Encouraged to focus on the comeback, not the set backs.

Phenomenal !!! If I can take what Robyn spoke about and translate the team mentality to our bank, we will be able to do amazing, inspiring things!
Very inspiring and motivating ??
Loved the videos and energy!

She was fantastic!

What an inspirational session! I want to read her book!
Awesome speaker!!!!
Very inspiring. Great way to kick off the conference!

Great inspiration and energy!

I really enjoyed Robyn’s opening keynote. She was very energetic and passionate about helping others.

Robyn Benincasa was great!
Robyn was a great speaker who knew how to engage her audience. The use of visual media to help illustrate her points worked really well. I enjoyed her presentation.

– Various

Total Training Solutions Bank Trainers Conference

Emerson Global Users Exchange logo
“Thanks so much! We have been getting great reviews of your keynote. You nailed it! Thanks again!!!”
– Andi Davison
Event Technology Specialist, Emerson Global Users Exchange
Davita logo

Robyn was AMAZING and is clearly second to none in my book. The team loved her and found her message to be of great value. Earlier tonight KT (DaVita’s Chairman and CEO) came up to spend some time with the team at the reception before our Night of Honor. By the time he arrived at the hotel, he had already her some feedback regarding Robyn (all positive) and had several Teammates including several of our senior leaders mention Robyn to him in questions they asked around team and leadership.

It was also highly noted and appreciated that Robyn had done her homework on our department and DaVita.
What a remarkable woman. Her foundation sounds fantastic and I personally will be a lifetime supporter of her efforts. I also know several teammates approached me over the course of the day asking for her flyer on the foundation and indicated they all want to support Robyn’s work.

Great job!

– Keith Carrington

Director Corp. Compliance, DaVita

New York Life logo


I want to thank you for a job well done at our Finance Town Hall in December.

Your message about teamwork and what it takes to be a high performing team aligned perfectly to where I want to take the Finance organization in 2018. There was a lot of positive energy in the room and I’m looking forward to harnessing that momentum as we move into the new year. Feedback about the event has been great.

Many people approached me at our annual holiday party that followed the town hall meeting to tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation and the impact you’ve made on them. This is truly a testament to your work and spirit.

Wishing you continued success for the new year and I hope our paths cross again someday.

All my best,

– John Fleurant

Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer, NYL

Norwex logo

Umm, dude… You just spoke at my Norwex Leadership Conference… Now, I’m not going to question how a room full of cloth-salespeople ended up with a speaker with 2% body-fat and bat-poop-shoe-loss stories, but I ain’t complaining!!!!!! You absolutely blew my mind!!!!!! My team may not have to carry anyone over a mountain, but we’ll certainly be reaping the benefits of human synergy!!! THANK YOU for spending the time with us last week!

P.S. I loved that you that you ended with a toast and apologized for drinking “poison” (Coke)… Gurrrrrrl, if your muscles are big enough to push the veins out of your arms, you’re allowed to drink whatever the heck you want!!!
P.P.S… My team member and I 28 touches EACH… but who’s counting 😉

– Marisa Warwick

Consultant, Norwex

Home 2 logo

Not enough words to express how dynamic, inspirational & incredible our speaker Robyn Benincasa was for us today at Hilton’s 2018 All Suites Conference.

– Carlena Lesso

Director of Sales, Home2 Suites Waco by Hilton

Perkin Elmer logo
Your messages resonated with me in a way than previous presenters have not been able to do. Thanks so much for inspiring thoughts!  In extreme situations, as you’ve been several times, what I do is so critical to achieving a goal. You showed us how your sport is like life. I get it!!!  You have to think out of the box!  What I did not hear was, “what made you get into those sports in the first place?” Thanks again for your message.  You’re a ROCKSTAR!
– Fred Meindl
Sales Director Diagnostics Mexico, PerkinElmer, Inc.
AT&T logo

Your leadership presentation at AT&T last year was the most inspirational talk I’ve ever heard.

– Mike Ogden


Boston Scientific logo

Thanks so much Robyn. Folks are still buzzing on your talk! Many comments about your customization to link in Boston Scientific.
My best to you and Jeff…it was a pleasure working and meeting you both. Until we meet again😀!!!

– David A. Pierce

Senior Vice President and President, Urology and Pelvic Health, Boston Scientific

Right at Home logo

Looking for a keynote speaker to inspire greatness in your team? Here she is! Robyn spoke at our meeting last week and helped us see how to bring out the power in each of us!

-Michelle Koester

Vice President of Franchise Learning, Right at Home

Baxter logo

I have to say we are still basking in the greatness of the event and your presentation! Survey results are coming back with comments like this: ‘best BWL presentation I’ve attended!” Many many many thanks to you.

– Pamela Krueger

Baxter International Inc.

tastefully simple logo

“You definitely helped us strengthen the core of our leaders and made such a positive impact. We’re grateful for your contribution to our conference.”

– Theresa Moberg

Vice President of Training & Development, tastefully simple

LPA logo

“Hi Robyn, thank you so much for presenting at our meeting yesterday in Philly. You were a big hit with everyone and are truly an inspiration. Your energy and enthusiasm hit the mark.”

– Clark Mulligan

Laboratory Products Association

Digital Insight logo

“Robyn, You did a great job at the NCR Sales Kick Off this morning in Orlando! It was WONDERFUL to see the buzz in the hallways afterwards. … You are amazing and inspirational and a great speaker and a great connector—all that and more. Thank you.”

– Christine Rimer

Sr. Director, Data Center Migrationa Digital Insight

“Please let Robyn know again that I still believe that she was the best presenter with the best message that I have experienced in my 15 years of attending the CACM convention that she spoke at last summer.”

– Kirk Watilo
Allos logo

“Let me say that the feedback we received on your presentation was nothing short of stellar. I have heard a number of motivational speakers and there always seems to be some naysayers. There was not a single dissatisfied customer in this group. People shared that they felt inspired. Many of your messages were repeated throughout the next few days, coming from our President and CEO to my colleagues in the field alike. I can think of no finer form of flattery. It proved to be a perfect program that set a tremendous tone for the rest of our days together.”

– Felice Ginsberg

VP, Training and Development, Allos Therapeutics

“I just had the pleasure of listening to one of your talks (Washington Governors Conference) and was so incredibly inspired by it. I can honestly say I have yet to hear a more powerful speaker than you. I couldn’t write notes down fast enough because the information just kept coming and with every word I was moved. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to lead.”

– Anita Johnson

“You have a new fan! Thank you for an outstanding presentation at the Nordic Personal Development Congress in Oslo during last weekend. … You are the very best [speaker] I have ever heard. You have an important and great message that is easily applicable to the business world.You have such positive energy, you are genuine, humble, have self-confidence, use humor and great videos to strengthen the message. … I simply loved it!”

– Catherine Lemaréchal

Communications consultant & NLP Certified coach, Nordic Personal Development

“Last month I heard Robyn deliver a marvelous presentation from the main platform at Million Dollar Round Table. She kept the audience of some 7,000 people spellbound, and equally as impressive was her willingness to take the time and interest to listen to, and share with the participants afterward. Robyn has a powerful message and delivers it very effectively.”

– Arnie Pechler

Business Consultant

Allegiance logo

“We have received a tremendous response on your keynote presentation. It was a good time, considering our growth, to have you here to speak about teamwork. Your journey, your heart, and the way you tell the story resonated with people. I am so glad they were able to see what I did when researching for a speaker.”

– Julie Salinas

Human Resources Manager, Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.

Verint logo

I can’t remember a speaker having such an impact on me, and I wanted to read your book and get more of the winning thought processes and how I can apply them at Verint.”

– Tom Tobin

Regional Director, Verint

Roche logo

Our event has already gotten rave reviews and that is due to your inspiring and dynamic presentation. We appreciate you making the trip to Indiana and sharing your experiences and insights with us! I am excited for our follow-up sessions where we can continue to incorporate the 8 essential elements of human synergy into Roche’s culture! You have a big fan base in Indianapolis! Thanks again,

– Amy Sigler

Supervisor, Roche Diagnostics

Kana logo

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your motivational session at our 2014 Global Sales Summit. … You truly motivated me with your presentation and life-stories, a great mix of enthusiasm, true grit and humor. I look forward to you impacting my life and career as I learn more about your story.”

– Todd D. Taylor

Account Manager, Kana

Water Tech logo

“I cannot thank you enough for speaking at our recent National Convention in Connecticut. I have read your book and am in the process of starting to implement some of your ideas into our teamwork strategy here at Watertech of America, Inc.,. Thanks again for bringing a whole new meaning to TEAMWORK. I am excited to see its implementation here at Watertech take us to new levels personally, professionally in both our personal and business lives. ”

– Joe Russell

President, Watertech USA

Coldwell Banker logo

“Your presentation was extremely motivating. WOW!! Your life and the risks you have taken are truly inspiring and phenomenal! I am 53 and will never be climbing the Andes or any other peaks, but I strive to continue overcoming difficulty with a positive attitude. You gave me more hope and direction and reminded me of the little tiger I used to be. Thank you so very much! Keep sending your strong message of achievement and success! “

– Linda J. Griffith

Director of Concierge Services, Coldwell Banker/Sky Ridge Realty USA

“Thank you again for all your help and time in preparing for this event. You did a fantastic job and folks are still talking about you. We have made many references to your messages, especially since we are dealing with a snow storm right now. Your message is powerful and inspiring, and people loved your personality. I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

– Charles Thyne

Head of Global Quality, Industrial Operations

The Intensivist Group logo

“I listened to you speak at the Sound Physicians ‘National Leadership Conference’. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with not only your ability to motivate, your storied past, or your ideas on living well and collaboratively but with the way in which you were able to present yourself and your ability to command a large audience consisting of people notorious for being stubborn and egosyntonic. Thanks again for sharing and being a positive influence in the lives of what I would imagine to be hundreds of thousands if not millions. “

– Evan Brody Lenkowsky

Program Medical Director, The Intensivist Group

“You are an amazing person. A true inspiration to all. We are all grateful that you were there to show us not only that it could be done but how we—the mere mortals—could do it as well. Thank you from our collective hearts.“

– Oliver G. Santos

President, Architects & Engineers Support Services, inc

Samepage logo

“It was a pleasure to meet you on Wednesday and record your talk. Women were so motivated by your thoughts and positive energy! After your keynote we collected inspirational statements from them and scribed them on an idea wall with the theme “Imagine the possibility if…” There were a lot of women who recapped one of your key ideas, then took a picture after it was drawn and sent it to their daughters. You touched a lot of lives on Wednesday. I look forward to the next time our paths cross. “

– Jenny Trautman

Executive Facilitator, Same Page People

Baxalta logo

“Awesome talk this morning at HBA! I am impressed by how engaging your entire talk was for this audience. You do a great job of using language we can all relate to regardless of organization or occupation, and then you serve it up with a platter of unforgettable stories. I very much enjoyed it. I expect we will be looking for ways to introduce you and your messages to a broader Baxalta team. Thanks for inspiring us!”

– Rachelle Jacques

Head of Business Operations, Baxalta

Resources logo

“Thanks for joining us in Atlanta for our global management meeting.
Your presentation was excellent and very inspiring. I heard from many
of our people telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation and
how quickly the time went by. Many said you were the best keynote
speaker that we have had over the 18 years that we have been in
existence. Take care and best of luck to you in the future. I hope your upcoming
hip replacement goes well and that you will be able to continue your
athletic pursuits.”

– Tony Cherbak

CEO & President, Resources Global Professionals

Medidata logo


– Mitchell Bayer

Senior Director, Partner Education & Strategic Programs, Medidata Solutions Worldwides

Ringler Associates logo


Thank you for the cookies and I’m looking forward to receiving my new Merrell shoes!
More importantly, thank you for such a tremendous presentation at our meeting. Many, many people came up and thanked me for choosing you as our keynote speaker and complimenting you on how well you tied in your themes to our practice.
Your presentation was awesome. I am thrilled that we were able to have you participate.

I don’t know if there is some way for us to provide any references, but I know that if needed you only need ask.

Thanks again

– James Early

Executive Vice President and National Sales Director, Ringler Associates

The Sweeney Agency logo

The importance of a motivated, functional team to organizational success cannot be overstated. Robyn Benincasa is a World Champion Adventure Racer and an award-winning motivational speaker. The past 20 years have seen Robyn and her teams successfully race through the jungles of Borneo, climb the Himalayan peaks of Tibet, swim the rivers of Fiji, and fight the brush fires of Southern California. It is through these life-affirming and teambuilding experiences that Robyn developed her unique perspective on what it takes to succeed against all odds and go the distance at work and in life: Human Synergy and Teamwork. With this key message, Robyn has ignited meetings and motivated audiences to look at how they can transform their own groups into World Class Teams. In 2016, her quest to impart this lesson continues.

– Derek Sweeney

The Sweeney Agency

Veritas logo

Thank you! You delivered on your promise to engage with the sales organization in a way that made them think about concepts like “human synergy” from a perspective that they had not considered before. The positive feedback from everyone in that room is overwhelming positive. You were amazing. I’ve received positive comments from sales people, marketing executives, corporate executives, and the list goes on. People felt that hearing from someone with your background brought a refreshing perspective that you connected perfectly to relevant experiences in corporate culture.

As you described standing in bat poop covered in leeches, I could not help but make a connection to the extraordinarily difficult year that a company separation created for all the folks in that room. Your references to what planning and strategy really looks like in your sport, translates perfectly to the behavior and planning that the best in sales demonstrate.
You are an inspiration to me and everyone at Veritas. We all look forward to working with you again in the near future.

– Patti Cameron

Sr. Director, Global Sales Enablement, Veritas Technologies

Benco Dental logo

I thought you were great and we got GREAT feedback from the attendees. I really appreciate you squeezing us in; you were a perfect addition to the event and you were able to bundle it all together! THANK YOU!!!! Great cause and I too am glutton for punishment (albeit not as much as you!).

Thanks for all you do! You were great!

– Julie L. Radzyminski

Vice President Business Innovation, Benco Dental

T3 Sixty logo

Robyn was a home run. She impressed everyone in the room, especially the men.
They were in awe of her athleticism and perseverance. The video footage was great and I am confidant she will be getting a bunch of bookings from her talk.

Many thanks,

– Stefan Swanepoel

Founder/CEO, T3 Sixty

Grainger logo

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation at Verint this past week. Your content was so educational and entertaining at the same time. It was the highlight of the conference for me.”

– Alison Krueger

Customer Experience Operations Manager, Grainger

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants logo

She was amazing!! People are still raving about her!

Thank you for everything!

– Danielle Garavaglia

Kimpton Group Hotels

Express Employment Professionals logo

So first of all, thank you. Thank you for putting it in my head that I can’t hold myself back due to current limitations. Thank you for sharing your story and making it so compelling that we decided to take action. That doesn’t always happen.

– Terese Irwin

Director of Events, Express Employment Professionals

Aligned Medical Solutions logo

Robyn – our chapter of AHRMM had many leaders at this year’s event and we all loved your talk. You were amazing!

– Michael Moore

Executive Account Manager, Aligned Medical Solutions

HP logo

“Thank you for a fabulous and outstanding presentation during our C3 Outfitters event this past week in Phoenix. Your presentation style and message really energized the attendees. We heard nothing but great comments and feedback from many of the attendees throughout the week.

Your flexibility to work with us on the message, theme and your overall participation was very refreshing and we appreciate all your efforts both prior and during the event. Your presentation was one of the highlights for the event and helped to make this one of our most successful C3 events to-date.”

– Trent Cross

Americas Software Marketing Team, Hewlett Packard

Siemens logo

“AWESOME!!!!! No other way to describe you or the presentation that you gave at our Summit meeting last week. I spent the week listening to a number of people talking about the session, your achievements and how they tied in so well to some of the issues that we are trying to implement on the one hand and overcome on the other. The 8 Human Synergies tied perfectly into the messaging that we had done earlier in the day and we tied a number of your key messages into the next two team building events we did in the afternoon.

You were inspiring for me personally and certainly for my team.”

– Anthonie Goudemond

Vice President Human Resources, Siemens Medical Solutions

It's a Grind Coffee House & Starbucks logo

“I have known Robyn Benincasa for a number of years, and have utilized her talents as both a speaker, as well as a leader of team oriented events. While the SVP for the Western U.S. for Starbucks Coffee, I selected her as both the lead speaker, as well as the team leader, for our annual Store Manager Leadership Conference, held in Tacoma, Washington. The event was an overwhelming success. In fact, 6 years later, they are still talking about the key learnings, the fun, and the excitement of working together as a team.

She also addressed the national Leadership Conference for Starbucks Coffee, speaking to about a 1000 attendees, including the Board of Directors, Howard Schultz, the founder, as well as the senior leadership team, the corporate office, and the entire field organization for Starbucks. She was a great success.

Likewise, 2 years ago I was the C.O.O. for It’s A Grind Coffee Houses, and we invited Robyn to facilitate a one day team building event, as well as deliver the keynote address at the first ever national Franchisee Convention. She went above and beyond, ensuring the success of the event, and providing much in the way of key learnings the each Franchisee could take back to their individual businesses. I can recommend Robyn and her team to provide an exceptional event that will thrill the audience short term, and provide meaningful change in the long-term as she provides key insights into the synergies of building a World Class team.”

– John Alderson

Zone V.P. Starbucks/C.O.O. It’s a Grind

Northrop Grumman logo

“It’s been just over a year since we did that meeting with you and people still talk about being the best teambuilding meeting we’ve ever held.”

– Irwin I. Golub

Northrop Grumman IT Solutions Team

Siemens logo

“I would honored to recommend Robyn Benincasa as a keynote speaker for any of your clients. Robyn is a captivating, dynamic speaker with a style that it is both approachable and extremely compelling. While adventure racing and Robyn’s exploits are clearly larger-than-life, she is so natural and unassuming that her audiences are readily inspired and eager to put her lessons to work.

We have used Robyn as a keynote for groups as large as 550. She has no problem commanding each attendee’s attention. She is consistently among our highest rated speakers. We’ve used, among others, Joe Thiesman, Jerry Linegar (the astronaut), and Ben Carson (the surgeon) for groups as large as 1300. Each has been very good. Robyn is better. Not only is her message as compelling, but her multimedia approach is well suited to very large groups; 1200 or more should be no problem.”

– Christopher Mortell

Sr. Manager, HR Professional Education and Learning, Siemens Medical Solutions

Kraft Canada logo

“Robyn Benincasa’s words make us reflect on what great leadership qualities are and remind us of the importance of leading with our head and heart.”

– Craig McLaughlin

Vice President, Kraft Canada Inc.

Twin Lab logo

“I thought I knew the importance of teamwork, but your presentation at our sales meeting drove home just how critical teamwork is in every aspect of life…business and personal! Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of my everyday dealings in life, you reiterated and drove home what I already thought I knew…just magnified it 1000 times. You truly are inspirational. After hearing you speak, I am truly inspired to be a better team member.”

– Lauren Harbour

Director of Distributor Sales, Twinlab

Fast Company logo

“Robyn’s background and experience provide us with a unique and much needed perspective for our RealTime participants, and her award winning adventure racing team embodies what it means to be a leader today. We always get an INCREDIBLE response to her ‘Building World Class Teams’ sessions and adventure events.“

– Gina Imperato

Content Builder, Fast Company Magazine

aramark logo

“Robyn does a fabulous job of bringing the principles of adventure racing into the corporate environment. She did a great job of customizing her session to meet the needs and objectives of our national management meeting. The audience was riveted and our managers continue to talk about Robyn and the lasting impact she made!”

– Debbie Rubin

Assistant to the President, Aramark Educational Resources

Timberland logo

“Robyn has a singular energy which she transmits to her audience, allowing them, at least vicariously, to live what she has experienced. Her story is a call-to-action to be more active at whatever level in the great outdoors.”

– Lee Plesser Smith

Marketing Manager, Timberland

Insight Education logo

“I just wanted to say thank you again for generously sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm at InSight’s 2012 Annual Convention in Anaheim, Calif. Your participation makes the Annual Convention such an exceptional event for our attendees! Your keynote presentation was very well received! It is through quality presentations such as yours that our attendees increase their knowledge and skills, all while growing their professional business network.

It was a pleasure working with you throughout this process—thanks again!”

– Becky Williams

Senior Coordinator, InSight Education & Learning

Medtronic logo

“I want to personally thank you again for playing such a significant role in the success of our meeting! The feedback on your presentation and messaging, as well as your preparation, has been nothing less than fantastic!!”

– Dave Roberts

Medtronic, Inc., Vice President, U.S. Sales, Cardiac and Vascular Group

Convention Connection logo

“As a speaker’s representative it’s always gratifying to receive a glowing evaluation from a client who recently featured one of our highly sought after presenters. Kathy Dundee Meeting Planner of the Texas Association of School Boards has relied on us for years to secure just that great and appropriate speaker. How about this report on Robyn Benincasa from Kathy?

Robyn Benincasa was in a word “awesome”—she hit the nail on the head with what I needed her to say to our folks…anyone looking for teambuilding/team-speak should hire her! She was super easy to work with and was great with all the attendees afterwards. She will be hard for us to top next year!! Excellent recommendation!”

– Kathy Dundee

Convention Connection, Malibu, California

Siemens logo

“Robyn, thanks again for the awesome presentation you gave to our HR meeting this past Monday. It was by far the best and most inspiring talk I have ever heard. I have taken to heart some of the key messages from your talk and have and will use them in my personal as well as my work life. You really made a difference and for that I am grateful.”

– Edward Hayes

Director, Human Resources, Siemens Medical Solutions

Euro RSCG Worldwide logo

“THANK YOU for a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting presentation this morning. The buzz around the agency is fantastic, and many people have stopped by my office or sent me mails to tell me how much they liked it, and how much you amazed them.”

– Annette

Chief of Staff, New York Euro RSCG Worldwide

HDI logo

“Your ‘8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy’ was by far the presentation was absolutely the best of all the sessions I attended at this year’s HDI Conference. In fact it was the best corporate presentation I have ever seen. I really DID leave the session inspired.”

– Frank Hartnagel

IT Asset Management Analyst, HDI

“Hi, Just had the most amazing time at Tony Robbins leadership seminar! Your presentation was the most inspirational session I have seen and your leadership distinctions and congruence is incredible.”

– Mike Lloyd


REZA Investment Group logo

“I saw your inspiring presentation at Leadership Academy for Tony Robbins last week and was impressed by all you have done when they introduced you, but I was most impressed with you as a person, your spirit and your great insights on leadership and team work which I am putting to use since I saw you.”

– Reza Etedali

CEO & Founder, REZA Investment Group

Supreme Builders logo

“Thank you for the incredibly inspiring presentation at Robbins Leadership Academy last month. As a leader and Sales Director in the home building industry, your insights and standards have raised the bar for building and coaching teams into the future. You radiate the qualities we all should strive to attain personally and it was an honor to have experienced your presentation, your perspective and you. Keep the fire burning. You are exceptional!”

– Jeff Stanger

Supreme Builders, Houston, TX

Ignite logo

“Just saw Your presentation at Ignition 2009 and it was remarkable. Thank you for the great ideas. Being a Marine during Viet Nam I understand teamwork and u reminded me again of the principles of becoming ‘WE’ as an organization in order that we all succeed. Your adventure races were also incredible. Thanks for the inspiration.”

– B. Ellinger

Major USMC ret, Ignite, INC

Schering-Plough logo

“We are still hearing rave reviews about Robyn’s presentation so we wanted to share that with you….many have commented that it has been the most entertaining and introspective of the presentations we have had …kudos.”

– Loretta Cranbourne

Product Manager, Schering-Plough Corporation

The Burgess Company logo

“Robyn is perhaps the best team building leader I’ve ever been around. Her ability to motivate is centered on her ability to see that people can accomplish way more than what they think is possible, then helps them laugh all the way to the finish. She is remarkably gifted, yet sufficiently disciplined to become and remain one of the top endurance athletes in the world. She is passionate about helping others, and gives selflessly on both the mundane and the grand scale. She knows what it takes to struggle through adversity arriving successfully with her team, and can communicate what it takes in a charmingly effective manner.”

– Bill Burgess

CCIM SIOR, The Burgess Company

Welk Resorts logo

“I just wanted to thank you again for your participation at our recent Welk Summit. You turned out to be an exceptional speaker and I’m grateful for the impact you made on our team.

The overwhelming response from your presentation was exceptionally positive. Many people emailed me afterwards, especially some of the ladies on our team, grateful for a speaker that connected to them while still showing signs of strength and vulnerability. You, as a speaker, were the perfect fit at the right time.”

– Michael Gehrig

President, Sales & Marketing, Welk Resort Group

BMO logo

“Robyn was absolutely fantastic at the ORD conference in Toronto. She has an outstanding ability to immediately connect with the audience and ‘shush’ them with her incredible story. All hearts and minds in the room were captivated by her presence and detailed account of her personal journey and that of others who complete these amazing eco-challenge events. What resonated incredibly well were the elements of teamwork and how each member takes turns being the leader when it makes the most sense, particularly from a skill set or capability perspective—and particularly when it counts, i.e. when the fun stops! She exudes courage, strength, compassion, determination, and fun! All qualities that we want to emulate as leaders. I definitely would love to have her come back again sometime in the future – she is truly one amazing and inspiring person!”

– Nancy Fijan

Senior Manager, P&C Change Management, BMO Bank of Montreal

Aging Services of Minnesota logo

“Thank you so much for your amazing keynote presentation at our Institute last week. Many are still raving about your presentation. In fact our AV guys and our national association representative who hear many speakers each month said that you were the best speaker that they have ever heard (kudos)! You knocked it out of the ballpark! You started off our conference on a high and the energy continued throughout the conference.”

– Jenny Prosser

Director of Meetings & Conference Services, Aging Services of Minnesota

Langan logo

“I have to say, even a year after you spoke with Langan, your message still resonates with me. It’s said people won’t necessarily remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. You sure made us feel that anything is possible with teamwork! I follow you on your Facebook page… you are doing awesome things! I’m continually impressed by your foundation and how you inspire so many women.”

– Caryn Barnes

Senior Associate, Langan Engineering

Genentech logo

“Thank you again for the tremendously inspiring talk you delivered to our team. I continue to receive phone calls and emails about how inspiring and entertaining you were, and thanking me for arranging your presentation. Our meeting was characterized by several individuals as one of the best they’ve been to, and you played a huge part in that.”

– D. Weinstein


Express Employment Professionals logo

Robyn was one of the most enthusiastic and motivational Key Note Speakers I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her passion for teambuilding and coaching is incredibly evident in everything she does. To say that I was “inspired” would be an understatement. It has been almost a year since attending a summit she spoke at, and he words still drive my career: “Winning is that way!” This moved me so much that I came home and immediately started searching for some kind of memento to remind me of this goal. I found a plaque that reads “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” Thank you, Robyn, for believing in others and encouraging them to keep moving FORWARD!

– Rachel Searles

Staff Consultant, Express Employment Professionals

9 times Energy Star award 2016 partner of the year

Hi Robyn, you were awesome at SchoolDude West 2016 in San Diego. Thanks for your inspirational teaming presentation. After reading the first part of your book and witnessing your presentation I really really enjoyed your message as you took us along your/our journey and made us look at us as individuals as well as team members.

Thanks for the rules on man hugs in your session and I shared with my work team at the conference that your back muscles rocked and they were jealous! The two ladies that I work with then said well heck yes did you see her arms? Too funny then they wanted hugs as well…you were a fun presenter!

– Terry Taylor

President, Oregon School Facility Management Association

Heartland Business Systems logo

Hi Robyn,

I met you this past week at the Heartland Business Systems sales conference. Your presentation was incredibly motivating. I have had the privilege to listen to quite a few motivation speakers over the years, and your’s has got to be the BEST I have had the chance to hear.

– Mike Ziegler

Sales Consultant, Heartland Business Systems

Spillman Technologies, inc. logo

Thank you so much for being our keynote presenter for our conference this year. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Marketing has been compiling our satisfaction survey’s from the conference and your presentation has received wonderful reviews and comments from our customers. J When the report is finalized I’ll be sure to send you a copy so you can see the comments. It was so awesome to see how you worked in Spillman into your presentation and the fit with our customers couldn’t have been any better. Your presentation was very inspiring and was such a great kickoff for our conference.

– Angie Dunn

Spillman Technologies, Events Supervisor

Hormel Foods logo

We can’t thank you enough. I will keep you at the top of my list to call
for other divisions with in Hormel!

– Melissa Tok

Meetings and Events, Hormel Foods

Soft Network Users Group logo

I have attended SNUG for 9 years…and they always have great motivational speakers….you were the best!!! I really, really enjoyed your speech/presentation on Monday. You are an inspiration!!! Thank you!

– Lisa Lott Mackenzie

SCCsoft Network Users Group

Veritas logo

Robyn, we are grateful for the opportunity to have had you as part of our 2016 Veritas Sales Conference! Your personal journey has made a tremendous impact on Veritas. It has inspired us to never underestimate our true potential and has taught us what true teamwork is all about!

Thank you for coming out to share so many of your experiences and life lessons with us.

Rock the Red!
Thank you!

– Patti Cameron

Veritas Global Sales Enablement Team

Express Employment Professionals logo

Need a great speaker? I saw Robyn Benincasa last week. Quality message, and high energy. A planner’s dream!

– Theresa L

Express Employment Professionals

Archbright logo

Join us for this amazing Virtual Conference with Patrick Lencioni, Ron Johnson, Robyn Benincasa and Simon Sinek! HR Leadership 2020: Building Endurance, Agility, and Resilience. We need this now, more than ever!

#hrleadership #leadership #virtualevents #hrcommunity

Net App logo

I was fortune enough to listen to a talk today from Robyn Benincasa about teaming in a changing environment. Robyn reminded me that the only way we fail is by failing to try. She challenged us to create 2 audacious, ridiculous goals that we can complete in the next 6 months. One of my goals will be to participate with Project Athena Foundation. They turn survivors into adventurers. Talk about inspiration! What goals can you set in your own lives to challenge yourselves and to continue learning? Now’s the time!

-Kim Brown

Sr. Manager

I wanted you to know you are a true pro and total Rock Star! Feedback is great. I’ve had three great speakers now and I heard multiple times today that you were by far the best!

-Chris Stansbury
Sysmex logo

Wow, Robyn was more than we ever expected.  Her virtual presentation blew us away. My associates were inspired, encouraged – ready to fight through grit and resilience. The video studio she used, the production was an amazing event.  They left feeling inspired and motivated to work together as a team.

Kaiser Permanente logo

I just wanted to thank you for taking me on an incredible journey with your book. Not only did I learn some practical leadership skills and exercises, but I found the stories weaved in the book so inspiring. I’m from San Diego and vividly remember the fires you recall in your book, as well! Truly one of the best leadership books I’ve read because it was so relatable and such a fun read! Can’t wait to put this in practice with my teams and have my managers read it as well.

With gratitude,


Senior Manager Business Process Management

IBM Watson logo

Wow!!!!! Is all I can say. I work for IBM Watson Health and Robyn just gave an amazing virtual presentation to our group. I am blown away and so excited to have been part of that.

-Brian Marcolini


IBM logo

My colleagues and I organized and kicked off an IBM Technical Leadership Summit this week with a few hundred of our top design and engineering leaders from around the company. We wanted to have a powerful, engaging, and inspirational opening keynote speaker to set the context for the Summit. I found Robyn Benincasa and arranged for her to speak and wow, did she ever deliver. She’s a world champion adventure racer and also a San Diego firefighter who tells fascinating stories about how to create the magic that allows teams to accomplish extraordinary things by creatively and maniacally working together. Thanks Robyn! You’re awesome!

-Director, Global Design Leadership & Academic Programs at IBM
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Collection of Eli Lilly employee responses, “there were so many that the stream kept going!

  • “Love Robyn’s message…Focus forward…WINNING is THAT way!”
  • “I’m going to print this out and stick on my wall (with attribution!)… –
    Have Courage/Guts
  • Born with it, Build it, Borrow it
  • Go the Distance, Quietly Persevering
  • Unwavering in Patience and Faith
  • Taking Calculated Risks
  • Shattering the Norm
  • “Courage is what’s left when we’re all out of strong” – Robyn Benincasa
  • “So many notable nuggets”
  • “She was just amazing”
  • “Robyn was outstanding! I’m fired up! Let’s go Team Lilly. We’ve got that WILLPOWER!”
  • “Are you all ready to race?! What a powerful keynote!”
  • “Such an amazing Keynote speaker!! Thank you for the Monday Morning inspiration!”
  • “Such an inspiring and dynamic speaker. Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Robyn!”
  • “Wow, so many great nuggets of wisdom from the keynote speaker. I am so excited to journey with this group.”

Director, TL COE and Medical Affairs Central Capability Strategy
Eli Lilly and Company

MBK Senior Living logo

I wanted to let you know that our keynote speaker in September, Robyn Benincasa blew everyone away. She was so fantastic. We received so much positive feedback. Many folks commented that she was the best speaker they had ever seen!  Her energy and humor was fantastic. 

-Amy Dernus

Jones, Vice President & Strategic Account Advisor

Lenovo logo
Robyn Benincasa speaking at Lenovo

What an inspiring message today at Lenovo’s NA Sales Kickoff from the amazing Robyn Benincasa! #wearelenovo #lenovokickoff Melissa Majeroni

-Katie McNeill, MBA, MAED

Learning Strategy | Developing Leaders | Strengths Coach | Learning Design

Best Teamwork Speaker I have listened to in a long time. Great times at Cradlepoint’s 2022 Partner Summit. Really reminded me of the core tenets of being a team player. So powerful!

-Tony Puopolo

Sales and technology team leadership networking

Grail logo

Can you please also pass along our thanks to Robyn and her team? She was amazing! I’m a cynic, and even I was impressed by her. We loved her energy, and her effort to personalize the routine for us was great.


Sales Loft logo

Hi Robyn – thank you so much for your poignant and inspiring presentation today – you’re a riot!
Too often at these types of events, the speaker is “only” inspirational without drawing a specific through line to their audience, but your particular story and the way you presented it aligned so securely with the hurdles and goals we’re experiencing as an organization. Thank you again!


-Patrick Heavey

Salesloft RKO
Sales Engagement & Strategy


testimonial from ADC

Robyn! What a special human you are. Thank you for the phenomenal speech at Partner Summit 2022. You made us laugh, cry and be inspired to do more. Will be looking for ways to give back through Project Athena! 

Thank you again!

-Nicole Brown & ADC Events Team

Director – Partner Marketing, Alarm.com

leadership quote

One of the most important aspects of managing a large company is being the leader they need to reach the growth you want. We share our favourite quote by Robyn Benincasa, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker & CNN Hero.

Robyn Benincasa team building course

Loved it and can highly recommend this course. If you like adventures and inspiration – you gotta see this! Just finished the course “Overcoming Obstacles and Building Team Resilience” by Madecraft and Robyn Benincasa! Check it out: https://lnkd.in/e5nPh_Ni#teambuilding .

-Hanna Reisch

EMEA Marketing Manager, International Marketing at Meta

sleep number logo

Robyn Benincasa #Kudos Thanks a ton for presenting! #GreatPresentation one of the all time best speakers I’ve heard. Her passion and strength is extremely inspiring to lead with G.R.I.T. Guts/Courage, Respect/Reliance, Innovation, and Teamwork. Thank you and I look forward to learning much more from you. 

-Lila Sadeghi

Sales Manager at Sleep Number Corporation

Robyn – thank you for speaking at the CentralSquare sales kick-off. We have received tremendous feedback on your presentation and the team really enjoyed it. Thanks again and here is to a safe and prosperous 2022.

-Daniel Maier

Chief  Revenue Officer

Very impressed by Robyn Benincasa. Your speech just strengthened my opinion that positive leadership is the right way, the only way. Here’s to you, your achievements, and to my team that gets up every day to make an impact.

-Daniel D.

Global Head, Media & Entertainment Industry Advisors

Robyn’s stories are amazing… so much great advice! To highlight a few messages:
*Work less as individuals and more as a team
*Equal suffering for individuals to help the overall team go faster.
*Every day we can decide… Dare mighty things… even though checkered by failure… or live in gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat – Theodore Roosevelt

-Jim M.

Senior Director, Industry Advisors – Comms & MediaSenior Director, Industry Advisors – Comms & Media

“I am not sure if my feedback will do justice to Robyn’s talk – She was simply phenomenal. She owned the stage for the complete time and kept the audience engaged through the adventure racing stories, jokes and personal stories. The timing of her delivery was perfect – the audience laughed, groaned and were pretty much living the experience through her stories. I love how she balanced the five elements of Total Commitment, Adversity Management, We Thinkers, Mutual Respect & Relinquishment of Ego with more emphasis on the previous two and touching upon a few important points for the latter elements. To summarize, IT WAS PERFECT!”

Director; Global Market Access – Merck Sharp & Dohme

“Everything went amazing; we were all impressed with Robyn, and her session was integral to us hitting our Sales Kick Off goals. Her impact was wide-ranging, and our CRO and Leadership team spent the following two days quoting her and walking around with her book in their hands, so it was an absolute home run of success.”

Sara Dee, Sales Enablement Manager – Addepar


“Knowing not only your strengths, but your weaknesses, is incredibly important when you’re working with a team, whether it’s a sports team, a business, or a group that’s racing around the world.”

-Brian Lord

President,  Premiere Speakers Bureau

“Hands down, Robyn Benincasa was my favorite guest speaker we’ve ever had. Her book is also the only leadership book I read twice. She’s truly inspiring!”

-Diane Porter, CAMS, CFE

Robyn Benincasa – what an incredibly inspiring keynote presentation at our Trimble Inc. SKO in Atlanta Georgia!

Thank you for re-igniting my personal drive and passsion to kick my goals, and to focus on success, rather than on the fear of failure.

“World class teams are ruled by the hope of success vs the fear of failure!”

As a team, we’ve got this!!

-Samantha Porter, Founder, Aussie Bucket List & Business Development Manager, Trimble Inc.
Cornerstone logo

You don’t inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are. 

-Robyn Benincasa

What she said.

-Stuart Wasilowski 

Senior Partner Relationship Manager at Cornerstone

Addepar logo


“Everything went amazing; we were all impressed with Robyn, and her session was integral to us hitting our Sales Kick Off goals. Her impact was wide-ranging, and our CRO and Leadership team spent the following two days quoting her and walking around with her book in their hands, so it was an absolute home run of success.”

-Sara Dee

Sales Enablement Manager – Addepar

OPTIV logo

“I wanted to reach out and let you know what a delight Robyn was along with how outstanding she was giving her keynote. One, her message is great for everyone regardless of title or industry, but I’ve never had a keynote truly weave in the nuances of our industry so well. During our planning call she understood and took note of what we shared about our industry and took specific sayings that we have on our website and used them in her speech. The amount of times she weaved in “Secure greatness” was amazing…I wish our CEO had been in the audience to hear it!

She is a joy and she definitely had a rough crowd…end of day, quiet, all sitting toward the back of the room, but she didn’t let that affect her energy and in the end getting the folks in the room to speak up and participate.”

-Carrie Balle

Marketing Manager, Corporate Programs – Optiv

Mcabc Logo

Dear Robyn,

It was a pleasure meeting you and Jeff up on Whistler. I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding presence as the opening keynote speaker at the MCABC Business Conference & Trade Show 2023 in Whistler. Your captivating talk truly inspired our attendees and left a profound impact on everyone present.

Your expertise, passion, and incredible stories of teamwork, leadership, and overcoming challenges resonated deeply with our audience. Your ability to translate your experiences as an adventure racer into practical lessons for success in business and life was truly remarkable. Your dynamic and engaging presentation style captivated the audience from start to finish, leaving them motivated and eager to apply your insights in their own professional journeys.

We are truly honored to have had you as our opening keynote speaker, and we are immensely grateful for the inspiration and wisdom you brought to our event. Your contribution to the MCABC Business Conference & Trade Show 2023 will have a lasting impact on our attendees, empowering them to embrace teamwork, push their limits, and achieve extraordinary results.

Thank you once again for sharing your remarkable expertise and captivating our audience. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the future and continue our mission of inspiring excellence in our industry.

Kind Regards,


-Cath Basco

Manager, Membership & Events Mechanical Contractors Association of BC

Greetings Robyn,

I had the honor of hearing your keynote at NSPRA yesterday and I was literally BLOWN away by your energy, message and inspiration. The energy in the room was palpable! As a 58 year old woman, towards the end of her educational PR career, for a moment…a very BRIEF moment, I felt as though I could compete in an ECO-Challenge! lol

I am the Director of Public Relations for the Florence Unified School District #1 in Arizona. It has been my goal to instill the “We, not ME” mindset throughout my district. With YOUR help, I believe I can accomplish my goal.

I would be beyond thrilled if you could speak at our district’s annual convocation July of 2024. It would be held either Friday, July 19th or the 26th. We just concluded this year’s convocation and have a follow up meeting planned when I return from NSPRA. I will share your name and message with our leadership team with the hopes that they can have an opportunity to hear your amazing message.
Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

-Rita Ann Reznick

Director of PR
Florence Unified School District #1

“Robyn Benincasa… Probably the best keynote I ever had.”

-Burag Peksezer

Pipeline Creation,Outbound Sales, Leadership

aviva logo

What a fantastic opportunity we had yesterday for our leadership team to get together in one room to better understand our strategy and roadmap for the future. It is always brilliant to see our people truly wrap their arms around our plans and I know we all went away feeling incredibly confident about achieving our ambitions as a team.

A special thank you to Robyn Benincasa for her remarkable inspiration, reminding us of the importance of “we thinking” and perfectly bringing to life what it looks like to win when you work together.

We certainly have a lot to look forward to and we’re ready for action.

-Tracy G.

CEO Aviva Canada, Former CEO AXA Health, NED London Stock Exchange

Everything went really well! Robyn did an amazing job connecting her stories with our business. It was the most personalized speaker we’ve had yet! She brought a lot of energy and interaction, which was great for our crowd. Thank you!

-Tradeshow and Event Manager

Guardian Pharmacy Services

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Our whole team would like to thank you, Robyn, Jeff and everyone who helped make our opening keynote possible! It was a huge success and set the tone for the event. I personally had goosebumps watching the video of the Japanese team carrying their teammate across the finish line. Many people referred back to Robyn’s keynote throughout the event, meaning they took a lot away from it. In addition, Jeff brought great energy to the AV desk, and the whole team was thrilled to work with him.


Trimble Construction AECO Global Sales Kickoff 2024

Hi Robyn! We didn’t get a chance to meet last week in Anaheim – but we spoke together with Lennart in a prep call leading up to Medicine Week. I just wanted to let you know that you absolutely NAILED the messaging that Medicine needed to hear.

You listened so closely in that calI, and brought through our language right into your presentation. You kicked off the event, and from that point forward we just kept building collective synergy over the course of the next 2 days. Honestly when it ended with the gala, I can honestly say I have never experienced collective power at that scale – over 800 people connected, and shining. It was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much for your time and presentation! Now on to translate that motivation into transforming patients lives
for generations…

-Hilary Wilson

Director, Strategy and Operations and Chief of Staff to US Medical Director
Boehringer Ingelheim