What do Starbucks, Allstate, Deloitte, and
Hilton all have in common…?

They hired Robyn more than 5x!

The reason is simple… Robyn’s innovative teambuilding and peak performance strategies help teams cross their most challenging finish lines. And her “8 Essential Elements of Extreme Performance” promotes the kind of collaboration, innovation, mindset and culture that leads to breakthrough results.

“Six years later, we are still talking about the key learnings, the fun, and the excitement of working together as a team.”
– John Alderson, Zone Vice President, Starbucks

As the #1 Female Speaker for Meetings.net and recognized as one of the Top 10 Speakers Featured by Harvard Business Review, Robyn is known as an inspirational force for leadership, teambuilding, and extreme performance.

During Robyn’s authentic, fast-paced keynote, she takes you on an all inspiring journey in which everyone in the room has that lightbulb moment where they fully understand not only the value of, but the method for, BUILDING a world class team that succeeds in times of great challenge and change.

It’s no wonder why global leaders and Fortune 500s hire Robyn to inspire a culture of continuous improvement and total commitment.

“Robyn was fantastic! Everyone was still talking about some of her exploits last night, and of course her energy was the perfect kickoff. And she personalized her remarks for our program and audience better than anyone I’ve ever seen. We are so grateful she was able to join us.”
–Laura Yellen, IDG Communications



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The Project Athena Foundation
8 Essential Leadership Lessons

Discover all of the teambuilding and leadership skills that Robyn and her teammates have learned on their quest to win the toughest races on Earth.


Third Guinness World Record for Robyn Benincasa

Guinness World Records has recognized San Diego Firefighter Robyn Benincasa as “Officially amazing” for the 90.7 miles she paddled non-stop on a stand up board in 24 hours on Nov 8th in Huntington Beach Harbor, CA.

Download Robyn's 8 Essential Elements of Extreme Performance

Filled with stunning adventure photography, inspiring quotes and helpful tips, this guide gives an awesome "Cliff Notes" overview of Robyn's principles of teambuilding, leadership and adversity management. Robyn gets TONS of requests for this guide after her presentations, so she's made it available for you!

Teamwork During a Pandemic

NY Times Best-Selling Author Robyn Benincasa Discusses Lessons in Teamwork As a Frontline Worker During the Pandemic