Sara Jones Sermons – Perseverance to Go the Distance

1 – Trials Don’t Rule Us – We Determine the Path of the Fight:

One of our most courageous and inspirational Survivors that the Project Athena Foundation helped to live her adventurous dream was an awesome Firefighter from Virginia Beach named Sara Jones. At the time that Sara wrote me this text, she was a 39 year old two time Breast Cancer Survivor who had recently discovered that her Cancer was back and had metastasized to her liver and her spine.

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2 – Today, the Wisdom and Courage of Sara Jones Continues:

I would often text Sara with little encouraging words about how awesome she is and how she is going to be coming with us and our other Athenas on our next Project Athena Multisport Adventure in the Florida Keys. And on this particular day, she wrote back…

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