Don’t miss keynote speaker, Robyn Benincasa, at our Equinix Women Leaders Network event on Jan. 13

Imagine being a lifelong athlete at the top of your game — breaking records, winning world championships and loving every minute of it — and then suddenly being told you’ll never be able to compete again.

That’s exactly what happened to Robyn Benincasa, an ultra-endurance athlete who climbed the peaks of the Himalayas, raced through the rain forests of Ecuador and braved the rapids of Chile. At the age of 40, with almost no warning, Robyn was diagnosed with stage-four osteoarthritis in both hips. This 10x Ironman triathlete, corporate sales expert and full-time firefighter needed two total hip replacements.

But she didn’t let those metal hips crush her competitive spirit.

Instead, Robyn reinvented herself. She found new ways to push her limits — and, in the process, discovered how to lift others up. After her recovery, Robyn discovered stand-up paddle boarding and threw herself into training despite fear, doubt and pain. In 2014, she broke the world record for paddling the greatest distance in 24 hours.

It was this feat that led Robyn to start the non-profit Project Athena Foundation. Her organization helps female survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks go on adventures as part of their recovery. When these women complete challenges they never thought they were capable of, like hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim, they realize they can do anything.

Through the lessons Robyn has learned from overcoming her own setbacks, helping others do the same and studying how successful teams work, she has crafted a unique, practical approach to team-building, leadership and performance. She explains it all in her New York Times bestseller, How Winning Works: 8 Essential Leadership Lessons from the Toughest Teams on Earth, and she will share it with us during a must-see presentation.

Be there! And be ready to be inspired.