8 Incredible Benefits of Building World Class Teams

Robyn Benincasa, one of the highest rated female athlete speakers, and her adventure racing teams have learned about building world class teams the hard way – by competing in and winning the world’s toughest ultra-endurance adventure races. She shares her lessons on ‘Building World Class Teams’ with Fortune 500 companies to bring out the world class team builder, leader and peak performer in their employees.

Read on to discover about the incredible benefits you get as a leader and as an organization when you build world class teams.

  • Embracing times of great challenge and change as a springboard to future success.
  • Inspiring total commitment to extremely challenging goals.
  • Valuing and respecting the diversity in background, expertise, skills, and culture that each member brings to the team.
  • Connecting deeply to others as a means to take your success to the next level–even when team members operate on a “virtual team” or have individual goals.
  • Taking calculated risks: Teams that are creative and willing to take risks are the most successful in the long run.
  • Ensuring that all team members realize and embrace the fact that they are also leaders in their areas of strength and expertise, regardless of tenure or titles.
  • Creating leaders that value Teambuilding as one of their most important skill sets in their quest for world class results.

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