Adopt an Athena

Giving Back Program


As a company, you know you want to do well at your meeting—now, you can also do good.

With the Adopt an Athena giving back program, your company will “adopt” an Athena (aka a survivor of a medical life-altering setback) and sponsor her to live an adventurous dream through Robyn’s 501c3 Project Athena Foundation. Project Athena provides each Athena with the coaching, training, gear and inspiration to make that inspiring transition from Survivor to Adventurer or Athlete.

At Project Athena, we love to say “It’s not about the setback, it’s about the comeback.  Doctors can cure the body…but Project Athena revives the spirit”.

When your company adopts an Athena, Robyn will share the story and photo of your chosen Athena on stage during her keynote, and surprise your attendees with the fact that THEY are truly making a positive impact on the world through your company or organization—one grateful Survivor at a time.

Your attendees will also be invited to take part in their Athena’s adventure with her as Fundraising Gods and Goddesses! Grand Canyon hike, anyone? Or a kayak and bike ride from Key Largo to Key West in 3 days? Or a 50 mile coastal hike from Oceanside Harbor to San Diego Harbor? Everyone’s invited! :)

Check Out Available Adventures for 2017!


For more information on adding a Project Athena fundraiser to your next meeting, contact Karen Harris, CMI Speakers, at 1-805-965-1400 or 403-398-8488.

Your company can “Adopt an Athena/Survivor” and help her complete a life-affirming adventure in one of three ways:

  1. Adopt an Athena through a straight tax deductible donation to the Project Athena Foundation of $4,000 per Athena.Robyn will announce that your company is Adopting an Athena and share that Athena’s story and photo on stage during the keynote! A great way to inspire your team!With all Adopt an Athena programs, your company will not only hear about your Athena and her setbacks and dreams during the conference, you will also receive photos and videos from your Athena’s adventure, as well as an event recap and thank you note from that Athena for your company.  This is the perfect way to bring your attendees back to the magic of your conference and to remind them what a great organization they work with and work for!
  2. Donate a portion of the proceeds from the planned “Giving Back” event within your conference  to the 501c3 Project Athena Foundation (e.g. from a Poker Night or Golf Tournament).Each $4000 donation will help one Athena train for, gear up for, travel to, and complete her adventure! This can be a fun surprise for your group if the check is given to Robyn while she is on stage talking about Project Athena.
  3. Host an “Adopt an Athena Fun Run” at your meeting!With a minimum donation of one Athenaship of $4,000, Project Athena will host a 5k Adventure Run/Walk at your next corporate meeting or event. This is the perfect way to celebrate your attendees doing WELL while also doing GOOD! The Athenaship donation can be raised through participants’ donations (which can be matched by your company or by an event sponsor) or through a straight tax deductible donation. This is where we can get creative! Share your own ideas with us!

Thank you so much for considering Adopting an Athena. We can’t wait to have you on our team!