Along the same lines as sarah borrowing her belief in herself from me, is borrowing courage from the people around you, aka your teammates.

For 15 years I was an adventure racer , which is a sport that involves 4 team members traveling 600-1000 miles, completely non-stop, running, hiking, kayaking mountaineering and navigating their own course with a map and compass for up to 10 days, across some of the most remote an dangerous terrain on earth. As you can imagine, something as daunting and crazy and difficult as an AR is something we would have NEVER done alone, but with an awesome team of like minded and courageous people around us, we didn’t always have to be brave. Because someone else on the team was brave enough in that moment for the others who werent. I can’t tell you how many times I was wet, cold, exhausted, crying or hallucinating from lack of sleep on our 4th day of racing with only 6 hours of sleep TOTAL under our belts, wondering if I was going to have the courage to keep going. And then someone on my team would always reach out and grab my hand, offer me a tow line, make me laugh, feed me some fritos, or even Sing the Sound of Music soundtrack with me to get me through the toughest, scariest obstacles and darkest coldest nights. Never in a million years would I have finished an adventure race alone. But we became multiple world champions because we never had to. None of us was as brave or as strong as all of us. So let’s build YOUR world class team–a team that will give you the courage you need just by being by your side, holding your hand, and even singing show tunes with you when the going gets tough. Teammates are some of the best people to have in your life! And you should never leave the starting line of YOUR life’s adventure races without them. There is definitely strength, and courage, in numbers!