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World Class Teams Onsite “Amazing Adventure Race”

Win As ONE! From onsite Adventure Challenges to a mini Eco-Challenge at the location of your choice, our unique teambuilding events are nothing short of epic!

The Amazing Adventure Race is a fun, interactive way to bring Robyn’s The Essential Elements of Extreme Team Performance to life! We will break attendees up into teams of 8-10 and give them a set of Road Rules and instructions for a 1.5 hour Adventure Race at your meeting location. Armed with a couple of smartphones, their leadership skills, and their creativity, teams will pursue specific team photo ops (great memories!), locate answers to questions, and encounter creative problem solving Synergy Stations at specific locations.

Points will be assigned to each photo/question/Synergy Station according to the difficulty to attain it, so planning your course and navigating successfully and efficiently to your chosen checkpoints within the tight time frame is all part of the excitement! The goal? To earn the maximum number of points as a TEAM.

This teambuilding adventure will inspire participants to realize that TOGETHER we are better than any individual can ever be alone, that none of us is as smart/successful as ALL of us, and that capitalizing on one another’s strengths and “towing” our teammates through the tough times is the fastest way to the finish line!



The Project Athena “Keys to Recovery” 120 mile Multisport Adventure from Key Largo to Key West.


Robyn and Project Athena’s Survivors and Fundraisers complete the Rim to Rim to Rim trek!




World Class Teams Offsite Mini Eco-Challenge Adventure Race

Florida Keys Group Pics-3Take your group on an unforgettable teambuilding adventure they’ll never forget! They’ll experience a 4-24 hour Mini Eco-Challenge Adventure Race, including kayaking, cycling, hiking, navigation and incredible synergy to get across the finish line. Each team of 4-12 will have a world class adventure racer to facilitate their success along the way as they paddle, ride and hike through whichever country (Costa Rica?) or destination location (Santa Barbara, Palm Springs?) you choose. The emphasis will be less on winning and more on each team’s journey into true Human Synergy—blending strengths and leaving their egos at the start line in an effort to create the magic that comes with being better… together!

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