Leading Safer Teams: How Great Leaders Inspire ‘Commitment’ Versus ‘Compliance’

(Safety Keynote by Robyn Benincasa)


Robyn’s All-Female Fire Crew–The Nation’s first!

In this keynote, safety speaker Robyn Benincasa takes your team on a compelling and unforgettable multimedia adventure, including video footage and analysis of preventable disasters and thrilling safety success stories from the worlds of adventure sports and firefighting. This World Champion adventure racer, San Diego firefighter, and New York Times bestselling author offers unique, simple, yet extremely effective tools for inspiring the people that we work with and work for to be safer every day!

Here are the 6 Factors in Leading Safer Teams—the kind of teams that COMMIT to safety because they care, and COMMIT to ensuring everyone on their team goes home each day!

  1. Conflict Resolution—Resolving the four attitudes in conflict with our safety
  2. Ownership—Inspiring the preparation and education to be a positive force for safety
  3. Measure, then Mitigate—Is it worth the risk?  How do we mitigate that risk when faced with the unimaginable?
  4. Mutual Respect—Inspiring the leadership, loyalty and teamwork to safely cross any challenging finish line
  5. Innovate, Adapt, and Overcome—Using our creativity, adaptability, resources and teammates to save the day
  6. Teamwork—The essential elements required for building World Class Teams that succeed against all odds!

Attendees will go home feeling truly inspired and empowered to keep themselves and their teammates safe because they want to, not because they have to. And they will leave with the desire to be a hero to their new teammates—not just the kind of hero that rushes into danger to save them, but the kind of hero that KEEPS them from endangering themselves and others. With a commitment mindset, we ensure that the most important goal of all is achieved at the end of the day… Everyone Goes Home.



Robyn Benincasa talks about the Leading Safer Teams Keynote


The importance of a motivated, functional team to organizational success cannot be overstated. Robyn Benincasa is a World Champion Adventure Racer and an award-winning motivational speaker. The past 20 years have seen Robyn and her teams successfully race through the jungles of Borneo, climb the Himalayan peaks of Tibet, swim the rivers of Fiji, and fight the brush fires of Southern California. It is through these life-affirming and team-building experiences that Robyn developed her unique perspective on what it takes to succeed against all odds and go the distance at work and in life: Human Synergy and Teamwork. With this key message, Robyn has ignited meetings and motivated audiences to look at how they can transform their own groups into World Class Teams. In 2016, her quest to impart this lesson continues.

– Derek Sweeney, The Sweeney Agency

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