Inspired Leadership: Creating A Culture of Champions

Inspired Leadership: Creating A Culture of Champions

(60-75 Minute Leadership Keynote by Robyn Benincasa)

Inspired Leaders create a culture of greatness every day by promoting an environment that fosters innovation, teamwork, collaboration, commitment, ownership, and peak performance— the core drivers of goal success—at every level and in every function throughout the organization.

In Robyn’s Inspired Leadership keynote, she shares the essential skills and mindset that inspire a Culture of Champions, in which every team member is internally driven to:

  • commit to audacious goals
  • see innovation and continuous improvement as part of their mission
  • offer their strengths to the team and value the strengths of others
  • see themselves as not only teammates but as team BUILDERS and collaborators
  • take calculated risks—using their agility and creativity to find a better way to the finish line
  • have real ownership of outcomes
  • become just the leader their team needs to rise to any challenge
  • embrace change as a potential springboard to future success
  • achieve consistent world class results by harnessing the power of the team to reach goals we could never accomplish alone

With Inspired Leadership, every member of your team understands at a deep level that THEY are the most valuable asset the organization has; you will retain the best and brightest team members; each and every team member will be internally driven to make a stronger contribution to the ongoing success of their customers, clients, communities and teammates every day. When you inspire a Culture of Champions within your organization, you not only empower individual leaders to succeed—you succeed by empowering every individual to be a leader!

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