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You know the old saying: “You’ve seen one World Champion Adventure Racer, female firefighter, 3x Guinness World Record kayaker, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning motivational speaker, you’ve seen them all?” Well… probably not.

That’s because there’s only ONE Robyn Benincasa!

Through her inspirational keynotes, Robyn has helped Fortune 500 companies including Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Northrup, Siemens, Napster, Nestle, and Hewlett Packard bring out the world class team builder, leader and peak performer in their employees.

Far more than a motivational speaker with a generic “feel good” message, Robyn brings to the table a deep understanding of the challenges today’s businesses face—gained from years selling for a major pharmaceutical company and top-tier hospital supply company before becoming a firefighter.

In preparing for every keynote, Robyn digs into her client’s business models, challenges and motivations, so she can have a deeper understanding of her audience. Clients are impressed by her business acumen, on-point questions, and the relevancy of her keynotes to their company’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Robyn’s Keynotes Are Perfect For:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Development
  • Peak Performance, High Performance Sales
  • Change Management/Adaptability
  • Opening meetings with the right energy—getting your group ready to take on objectives and goals together!

Meeting Planners, Business Leaders & Audiences Love Robyn!

I would honored to recommend Robyn Benincasa as a keynote speaker for any of your clients. Robyn is a captivating, dynamic speaker with a style that it is both approachable and extremely compelling. While adventure racing and Robyn’s exploits are clearly larger-than-life, she is so natural and unassuming that her audiences are readily inspired and eager to put her lessons to work.

We have used Robyn as a keynote for groups as large as 550. She has no problem commanding each attendee’s attention. She is consistently among our highest rated speakers. We’ve used, among others, Joe Thiesman, Jerry Linegar (the astronaut), and Ben Carson (the surgeon) for groups as large as 1300. Each has been very good. Robyn is better. Not only is her message as compelling, but her multimedia approach is well suited to very large groups; 1200 or more should be no problem.” – Christopher Mortell, Sr. Manager, HR, Professional Education and Learning, Siemens Medical Solutions

“Let me say that the feedback we received on your presentation was nothing short of stellar. I have heard a number of motivational speakers and there always seems to be some naysayers.  There was not a single dissatisfied customer in this group. People shared that they felt inspired. Many of your messages were repeated throughout the next few days, coming from our President and CEO to my colleagues in the field alike. I can think of no finer form of flattery. It proved to be a perfect program that set a tremendous tone for the rest of our days together.” – Felice Ginsberg, VP, Training and Development, Allos Therapeutics

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No generic motivational content here! Robyn tailors her leadership and team building principles to your organization.

Top Companies Rely On Robyn For:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Development
  • Peak Performance
    High Performance Sales
  • Change
    Management /
  • Opening Your Meeting With The Right Energy
Top Rated Keynote Speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author

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