Sara Jones Sermon 2–Perseverance to go the Distance–


Today, the wisdom and courage of Sara Jones continues….

I would often text sara with little encouraging words about how awesome she is and how she is going to be coming with us and our other Athenas on our next Project Athena Multisport Adventure in the Florida Keys. And on this particular day, she wrote back….

“U see something I can’t see @ this point and I’m gonna borrow ur belief until I can find one in my soul .I love U”

We all have fears about whether we’re good enough, strong enough, smart enough, ready enough to make that next big move in our lives. And all of that is completely normal. But YOU alone don’t have to be smart, strong or ready enough for every big leap because, if you sit down for a moment and think about it, you’ll find that you really do have a great group of coaches, mentors, loved ones and dedicated friends who are going to be there to ensure your success and cheer you and support you to any finish line. It’s a team that you create and have created in your life, and every one of them believes in your more than you believe in yourself. Sara showed us that the key to courage is not always having it yourself, but in being willing to “borrow” that courage from others until you grow your own. :)