Focus on The Hope of Success Versus the Fear of Failure

When you’re driving your car or riding your bike, where is your focus? You’ve got a laser focus on exactly where you WANT to go, right? Where we get into the most trouble is when we start focusing on where we DON’T want to go –because that’s inevitably where we will end up! So why, when we’re analyzing our risks and life challenges, do we often get so obsessed with what we DON’T want to have happen instead of envisioning what success will look like? When I first began mountain biking, I was petrified. Every root, rock, ditch, seemed like a magnet for my front wheel, and I ended up spending as much time on the ground as I did on my bike when there were a lot of obstacles on the trail. Then one day I was out training with my teammate Mike, who happened to be a world mountain biking champion, and when he noticed how often I chose the worst possible line to take down every technical section, he said “the reason you’re constantly drawn to the wrong path is because you’re focusing on where you DONT want the bike to go instead of where you DO want it to go. Your bike will go where your brain goes”. And those words changed everything for me. Once I stopped focusing on the fear of what I didn’t want to have happen and instead put my mental energy into exactly where I wanted my bike to go, I started choosing the right lines through the technical parts and kept the rubber side down a lot more. I’m not saying I got great at it, but I got good enough to race with the best adventure racers in the sport and hold my own. And it was just a small change in focus that made all the difference. So the moral of the story is, put that message of what you WANT out there into the universe instead of obsessing and worrying about the what if’s, potential stumbling blocks, and things you DONT want to have happen. Because spending your mental energy focusing on what can go wrong keeps you from focusing on choosing the best path and getting it RIGHT. Besides, focusing on your fears, most of which won’t materialize, are not only a waste of your time and creativity, they are a tether that holds your personal hot air balloon to the ground. This is your time to fly and your time to shine for all of your hard work and dedication to what you love and the areas in which you excel. Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is your focus!